Alessandro Bastoni Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article provides a comprehensive account of Alessandro Bastoni’s Biography, early years, including his childhood story, biography, family background, parents – Nicola Bastoni (Father), siblings – a sister Michela (sister), Luca Bastoni (brother), love life, personal experiences, and lifestyle.

We’ll delve into significant events from Bastoni’s infancy through to his rise to fame. Unquestionably, this Italian defender has embarked on an extraordinary path.

While it’s clear that Bastoni is one of Europe’s brightest young talents, known for his defensive wizardry, few football enthusiasts have read his inspiring biography. Without further delay, let’s embark on this journey.

Inside Alessandro Bastoni’s Childhood:

Known affectionately as “Ale,” the left-footed central defender was born on the 13th of April, 1999, to his father, Nicola Bastoni, and a rather anonymous mother in the municipality of Casalmaggiore, located in the province of Cremona, Lombardy, Italy.

Born as the second son into a family of five, football had become central to Alessandro’s life even during his earliest months. The sport was already ingrained in his family’s DNA before he was born.

Ale showed an incredible aptitude for the game at a very young age, demonstrating skills beyond his years. By the time he was just a year old, he was already familiar with the world of Serie A football.

Young Alessandro developed a knack for memorizing the names of renowned Serie A players, much to the delight of his parents and other family members.

As per Italian source Gianlucadimarzio, it was his first babysitter who discovered Alessandro’s unique talent. He recollects,

“My babysitter, Rosaria was ironing one day, and I gave her an album containing stickers of Serie A players, team by team. She was amazed that I recited all the players’ names, including their nationalities, by heart.”

Numero-Diez, another Italian website, reported that Alessandro learned to read and write through football. Observing his first game, he associated the pronunciation of players’ names and nationalities with the letters and words shown on the graphics on his family television.

Such remarkable intelligence signalled Alessandro’s destined future. Memorizing the names of footballers was a cherished part of his childhood years.

Exploring Alessandro Bastoni’s Family History, Roots and Formative Years:

Primarily, Alessandro Bastoni, the towering 6-foot-3 central defender, hails from a family that is a fan of Inter Milan, and even more interestingly, is a family of footballers.

Did you know that Alessandro Bastoni’s father, Nicola, was once an Inter Milan player himself? Meanwhile, his mother devoted herself to homemaking.

Right from the beginning, Alessandro Bastoni’s parents cultivated a household rich in football. They were the kind who had no qualms about their sons trading some of their academic pursuits for a chance at a football career.

Nicola Bastoni instilled the Nerazzurri spirit in his sons from an early age.

Alessandro Bastoni spent his formative years in Casalmaggiore alongside his siblings – a sister named Michela and an elder brother, Luca Bastoni.

The two brothers, Ale and Luca, were particularly close during their childhood, sharing a deep bond and mutual fondness.

Alessandro Bastoni’s Schooling – His Father’s Vision:

After retiring from professional football, Nicola Bastoni had to grapple with this significant change. The forward-thinking father concocted a strategy to ensure his sons carried on the family’s football dream.

Interestingly, it was Luca Bastoni, Alessandro’s elder brother, who first kicked off a journey into football.

In the early days, Alessandro Bastoni’s parents supported their sons (Luca and Ale) to attend school part-time to secure a diploma as a fallback in case their football aspirations didn’t pan out.

Alessandro attended a private school in Mantua only on Mondays and Tuesdays, dedicating the rest of the week to honing his football skills.

Early Years (Soccer):

A young Alessandro Bastoni once confessed that his passion for football was ignited by his father and elder brother, Luca.

As a child, Ale developed a routine of accompanying his elder brother to play football with their friends, who were notably older and larger than him.

This exposure to competition with older kids expedited his maturity, setting him apart from his peers.

During his time with a local team called Cannatese at the tender age of six, Ale demonstrated a unique preference for the No6 jersey.

Unlike his contemporaries, he was able to envision his future in football, starting to cherish his aspirations at a very young age.

Did you know that every male member of Alessandro Bastoni’s family was affiliated with Cannatese, their local team?

Bastoni’s father, “Nicola,” served as the coach for the club’s youth team, and his two sons were part of his squad.

Alessandro Bastoni Biography – Early Career Journey:

When Alessandro Bastoni was invited for trials by Atlanta, his parents couldn’t have been happier. At the tender age of 7, he was fortunate enough to join the youth division of the club following a successful trial.

Atlanta has always been recognized for its commitment to scouting and nurturing emerging talents, even up to the present day.

As anticipated, a determined Bastoni swiftly climbed the ranks within the age groups. In no time, he became a reliable presence at the heart of the defence.

Seeing his ambition to succeed, every member of Alessandro Bastoni’s family supported him in their respective ways.

Back in those days, Nicola would drive his family about 100 kilometres to Zingonia three times a week just to see his son in action. On other occasions, he arranged for a minibus service.

These family visits and encouragements led to youth accolades. Alessandro Bastoni’s parents felt immense pride when their son’s contributions helped his team win the National Under-17 Championship, the Under-17 Super Cup, the Arco Cup, and the Atlanta youth league in 2015 and 2016.

 Journey to Recognition:

In 2016, Alessandro Bastoni successfully graduated from the Bergamo youth academy, bringing great joy to his family. Upon completing his youth career, Ale set out on a journey to establish himself in the world of football.

During the 2016-2017 season, Atalanta B.C was just starting to gain recognition. While players like Papu Gomez were already in the limelight, others such as Luis Muriel, Duvan Zapata, and Josip Ilicic were still somewhat under the radar. And Rasmus Hojlund hasn’t arrived.

Utilizing both Atalanta and the Italian national youth teams as his platforms, Bastoni quickly made his mark. As captain of the Italian side, his leadership and defensive prowess made waves across the country.

Most notably, his character and potential caught the attention of Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte, who subsequently pushed for his acquisition.

Alessandro Bastoni Biography – Ascension to Stardom:

On August 31st, 2017, Inter Milan confirmed the signing of Bastoni for a significant fee of €31 million. To further his development, Conte sent him on loan, first back to Atalanta and then to Parma.

Drawing inspiration from players like Sergio Ramos and Leonardo Bonucci during his loan spells, Bastoni quickly became recognized for his exceptional defensive skills. Seeing his rapid progress, Inter recalled him from the loan.

As of writing this biography, Alessandro Bastoni has emerged as a key figure in Inter Milan’s defence. He has thrived in the team, forming a formidable defensive partnership with players like Matteo Darmian, Francesco Acerbi, Federico Dimarco, and Denzel Dumfries.

The steadfast defender has secured a starting position at Inter Milan, surpassing experienced defenders like Diego Godin.

Transitioning from a nervous newcomer to a renowned defender as a teenager, Bastoni has proven himself to be one of the most promising Italian defenders of his generation.

Today, Inter Milan proudly celebrates Bastoni’s remarkable performances. As I create this Bio, he is about to rely on copying Antoion Ruduger’s method to stop Erling Haaland in the 2023 Champions League Final. The rest, as they say, is history.

Alessandro Bastoni’s Love Life – Partner and Romance:

Behind every successful footballer, there is often a supportive partner. In the case of the distinguished Nerazzurri defender, his heart belongs to Martina Bulgarelli, as of the time of writing this.

Bastoni’s relationship with Bulgarelli became public when they were spotted together at Butega del Selèr, a popular restaurant in his neighbourhood. Below is a snapshot of Martina Bulgarelli, Bastoni, and the owners of the Butega restaurant.


Away from the football field, Bastoni is known for his tranquil and composed demeanour. Besides his nickname “Ale”, the Nerazzurri defender is also referred to as ‘a young, old man’, courtesy of his maturity beyond the pitch. This characteristic has led many to believe that age is truly just a number in his case.

In his personal life, Bastoni asserts that nothing holds him down and the smallest things can bring him joy. This mindset was highlighted during his tour of the Dubai Desert Safari.


When it comes to his hobbies, Bastoni is an avid fan of video games, particularly the PlayStation, and the NBA. His favourite basketball player is none other than Golden State’s Stephen Curry.


Bastoni is known to patronize renowned chef Salt Bae. He doesn’t exhibit a flashy lifestyle, evident in his lack of showy car collections, grand houses, or glamorous partner, which are often indicators of a luxurious lifestyle.

Family Facts:

Bastoni’s household has always taken great pride in their “Home”. The sport of football has been a guiding force in the Bastoni family for generations.

Since making it into Serie A, Bastoni has continually expressed gratitude to his family for their unwavering support and sacrifices.

In this section, we delve into the lives of Alessandro Bastoni’s parents and his other family members.

Regarding Alessandro Bastoni’s Parents:

The outstanding accomplishment of their son is a testament to the fantastic parenting skills of Alessandro’s parents. Nicola, a grassroots football coach, and his wife are indeed proud of their son’s success.

It seems that Alessandro Bastoni’s family suffered a loss on the 24th of October, 2015, when their child, Agnese, passed away. The heartfelt notes below reveal more about this tragic event.

Here is another touching note from Alessandro Bastoni regarding the loss of his sister.

About Luca, Alessandro Bastoni’s Brother:

Luca Bastoni, Alessandro’s elder brother, was born in 1995, making him four years older than Alessandro. Currently, Luca plays football for a team in Mantua. Unfortunately, despite his early influence on Alessandro’s football career, Luca hasn’t achieved the same level of success in the sport.

Among the brothers, Alessandro emerged as the main financial provider for the Bastoni household due to his considerable accomplishment in reaching the pinnacle of any young Italian footballer’s dream, playing in Serie A.

About Michela, Alessandro Bastoni’s Sister:

In a family of five, Alessandro had two siblings, including a sister named Michela. Michela, the youngest member of the family, is an aspiring photographer and the creator of the well-known blog “AupairWithoutFilters.Travel.Blog”.

About Alessandro Bastoni’s Relatives:

Alessandro still fondly recalls his childhood days spent helping his grandparents with their farming chores.

As a young boy, he would spend his free time assisting his grandparents on their agricultural land. Alessandro Bastoni’s fond memories of working in his grandparents’ vegetable garden are detailed in his interview with Gianlucadimarzio:

“As a child, I also enjoyed discovering new things, I derived joy in going to the garden to pick tomatoes. My grandparents were the owners of the cultivated land.”

Untold Facts:

As we wrap up Alessandro Bastoni’s Biography, we’ll use the next section to tell more truths about him. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Why he Wears No:95 Jersey:

Did you know that Alessandro Bastoni, the Nerazzurri centre-back, wears the number 95 because of a promise he made to his brother, Luca, when he graduated from the Atalanta youth academy?

He credits Luca with guiding him into football and as a tribute, promised to wear the number corresponding to his brother’s birth year – 95. As he explained in an interview with Calciomercato:

“I told him (Luca) that my shirt number would be his birth year – 1995. Wearing the 95 number is a way of having not only Luca but the rest of my family with me on the pitch.”

Football Idol:

Popular defenders like Ben Chilwell, Niklas Süle, Ibrahima Konate, and Daniele Rugani all have role models. Bastoni, a Real Madrid fan, admires and sees Sergio Ramos as his role model.

He once said,

“I admire the Real Madrid Legend, Sergio Ramos very much. He is not the classic defender who only defends and does nothing else for the team. Sergio is very elegant on the ball and I aspire to be as good as him, even if it is almost impossible to reach his career levels.”

Alessandro Bastoni’s Tattoos:

Bastoni’s tattoos reflect his life story. He has several tattoos, including a depiction of his childhood, a lion, a clock, and a flower. Most of these tattoos were inked in 2018 by Elo Tattoo Art Studio located in Travagliato, Italy.

Salary Breakdown:

When Antonio Conte renewed his contract, Bastoni was awarded a substantial salary of €23,000 per week and an annual salary of €1.2 million.

It’s interesting to note that the average person living in Italy who earns around 3,680 EUR per month would need to work for at least two years and one month to earn Bastoni’s monthly salary.

Final Notes:

Thank you for taking the time to read this story and biography of Alessandro Bastoni. A footballer who, days before the 2023 UCL Finals, said (via SempreInter) that rather than being a Guardiola-style player, he’s more of a Simone Inzaghi player.

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