Abel Ruiz Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Discover the life journey of Abel Ruiz through this biography, which sheds light on his childhood, early years, the role of his parents in his career – Ana María Ortega (Abel’s Mum) and José Luis (Abel’s Dad), intellectual family background, wife (Andrea Pericas), and siblings José Luis and Víctor Alfonso.

This article delves into his Spanish family roots, ethnicity, education, zodiac sign, and hometown. Additionally, it provides insights into his lifestyle and personality and a detailed breakdown of his salary as a footballer for Braga, including how much he earns per second.

In essence, this memoir paints a comprehensive picture of Abel Ruiz’s life history. Soccer Biography narrates the remarkable story of a young boy who achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first year 2000 born footballer to debut for FC Barcelona‘s senior team. Furthermore, Abel Ruiz holds a national record in Spanish men’s football for his goal-scoring prowess.

Abel Ruiz, the Almussafes striker, idolized David Villa and believed he was moulded in Villa’s image. Beyond his football career, Abel is known as a family-oriented individual and a great roommate, as confirmed by fellow footballer Ansu Fati. Both Abel and Ansu enjoyed their time together at La Masía, a topic we will explore in this article.

This biography also unveils the intriguing decision-making process Abel faced as a young footballer torn between joining FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. While excelling in Valencia, both clubs vied for his signature. Surprisingly, the deciding factor that led him to choose Barcelona over Madrid was the influence of his schoolmates. Soccer Bio will delve into the pivotal role their opinions played in his decision-making process.


We embark on the journey of Abel Ruiz’s life by delving into his childhood in Almussafes, Spain, his early football experiences with Valencia, and his remarkable ascent in the world of football. Soccer Bio presents Abel Ruiz’s biography, aiming to satisfy your curiosity about his life story. Let’s begin this narrative by uncovering his journey from Almussafes to football stardom.

Abel Ruiz’s Childhood:

To start with, Abel Ruiz’s full name is Abel Ruiz Ortega, and he was born on January 28, 2000, in Almussafes, a neighbouring city of Valencia, Spain. He is the product of the loving union between his parents, Ana María Ortega and José Luis, and he has two siblings, José Luis and Víctor Alfonso. While his family may not have been wealthy in terms of material possessions, they instilled in him a deep sense of respect and strong values.

Early Years in Almussafes:

Abel Ruiz’s formative years were spent in Almussafes, a town in the Ribera Baixa region of the Valencian Community, Spain. As the youngest member of his family, he grew up surrounded by love and care from his parents and older siblings. Abel holds immense appreciation for his family, particularly his father, José Luis, for the unwavering support and guidance he received during his upbringing.

Early Exposure to Football:

Abel Ruiz’s initial exposure to the world of football came at the tender age of two. Even at this young age, his parents noticed his affinity for the sport, and they considered it his innate gift. Whenever they took Abel outdoors, he displayed a fascination with any round object resembling a ball that he came across.

It was during these formative years, around the ages of 2 to 3, that Abel’s parents recognized his destined path in life. Consequently, Ana María and José patiently waited until he was a bit older before enrolling him in a football team.

The Almussafes Football Journey:

At the age of seven, Abel Ruiz’s football journey took a note-worthy step forward when he joined the Almussafes football club in his hometown. His coach at the time, José, was renowned for his technical expertise and played a pivotal role in shaping Abel’s early skills, emphasizing control and a deft first touch of the ball. In the Almussafes football team, the playing style mirrored that of Barcelona (Barca), a club known for its distinct brand of football. It didn’t take long before Abel’s talent caught the attention of Valencia Scouts.

In 2012, Ruiz made a life-changing decision to leave his hometown club, Almussafes, and his family behind to join La Masia, FC Barcelona’s renowned academy. Before we delve into his remarkable journey with Barcelona, let’s take a moment to explore some details about Abel Ruiz’s family life.

Abel Ruiz’s Family Line:

Abel Ruiz, the Spanish professional footballer, comes from a middle-class family, similar to other footballers like Rodri and Álex Baena. His father is employed at the Ford Valencia Body and Assembly, one of Europe’s major car assembly plants located in Almussafes, on the southern edge of the Valencia conurbation, Spain. With over 8,000 employees, this facility produces an impressive 450,000 vehicles annually, making it Ford’s largest manufacturing complex outside the United States.

On the other hand, Abel Ruiz’s mother, Ana María Ortega, takes pride in her role as a homemaker, dedicating herself to the care and upbringing of her family.

In the Ruiz family, professional football isn’t the only esteemed profession. Abel’s brother, José Luis, is a devoted teacher and an avid football enthusiast, while his other brother, Víctor Alfonso, has different interests, showing a preference for music over football. The Ruiz family, predominantly male, is characterized by a strong bond marked by love, unity, and mutual respect. José Luis and Ana María Ortega are commended for fostering a close-knit family in Almussafes, with Abel, their breadwinner, flourishing as a professional footballer.

Abel Ruiz’s Family Genealogy:

Abel Ruiz, currently playing for Braga, considers Almussafes, a municipality in Valencia, to be his hometown. He holds Spanish nationality and is a genuine Spaniard. However, interestingly, his family’s roots trace back to Cehegín. A town situated in the Comarca del Noroeste in the Region of Murcia, Spain.

Cehegín, the place of Abel Ruiz’s ancestral origins, is a captivating town steeped in history. It boasts renowned archaeological sites and vibrant festivals deeply rooted in its rich cultural traditions. Historically, the town’s economy has been centred around agriculture. Still, it has also embraced a burgeoning tourism sector driven by a strong sense of community, culture, and a tradition of arts and crafts.

Abel Ruiz’s Ethnic Background:

Abel Ruiz, the Spanish professional footballer, shares his Valencian heritage with fellow players like Alexia Putelas and Carlos Soler. Valencians are a prominent ethnic group in Spain, and they speak Valencian, a dialect of Catalan. While Valencian, as spoken by Abel Ruiz’s family, shares many similarities with the Catalan language used in Catalonia. It maintains its distinct vocabulary, pronunciation, and usage.

Abel Ruiz’s Schooling:

Abel Ruiz, the Spanish footballer, once faced a significant decision during his school years that left a lasting impression. He found himself in a dilemma when he received offers from both Real Madrid and Barcelona. Adding to the complexity, his parents insisted that he make the choice independently. This situation caused him to become absorbed in his thoughts during his school days. As he was a fervent fan of both clubs, spending considerable time contemplating his decision.

Abel Ruiz engaged in extensive discussions with his friends to help him assess his options. With their support and guidance, he eventually realized that joining Barcelona was the right path for his development as a young footballer. Ultimately, Abel’s decision was influenced not only by his considerations but also by the valuable advice of his school friends.

Early Steps in His Career:

Abel Ruiz’s journey to becoming a professional footballer had its roots when he was just a 2 to 3-year-old child. His innate attraction to anything resembling a round object, such as a ball, did not go unnoticed by his parents, Ana María and José Luis. They recognized his potential destiny and took proactive steps by enrolling him in their hometown club, Almussafes. Abel fondly recalls one of his early coaches from that team, known as José. He was widely regarded as a highly technical coach who emphasized skills like ball control. José instilled in his young players the Barça style of play, characterized by intricate passing and touch-focused techniques.

Abel Ruiz’s Early Steps in Football:

Abel Ruiz’s journey in football began in his hometown club, Almussafes, where scouts frequently visited to witness the young talents in action. Around the age of 7 or 8, Valencia spotted his potential and expressed interest in signing him. However, there was a necessary evaluation process. Abel, along with a few other kids, was invited to participate in a seven-a-side match. Serving as a test to assess his suitability for a competitive team like Valencia. Fortunately, Abel passed this test, and he vividly remembers the excitement of being told he would sign with Valencia.

His time at Valencia was marked by facing older competition. Due to his exceptional skills, he often played alongside kids a year older, a challenge he embraced wholeheartedly. Notably, Abel shared the youth team with another talented player, Ferrán Torres. And he was the youngest of the two by just 30 days.

Abel Ruiz’s exceptional talent did not go unnoticed at Valencia, where he received numerous accolades and acknowledgements, as seen in a picture from that time. Scouts from top clubs also took notice, leading to a tug-of-war between Barcelona and Real Madrid for his signature.

His parents, recognizing the immense potential of their son, faced a difficult decision. Eventually, they left the choice to Abel himself, who made the dream decision to join FC Barcelona. This was a momentous occasion as he joined the club with his idol, David Villa, and the likes of Lionel Messi, Cesc Fabregas, Xavi Hernandez, and Andreas Iniesta.

Abel Ruiz’s Path to Fame:

FC Barcelona has a history of signing young, exceptionally talented players, and Abel Ruiz, representing Valencia, was a prime example. His exceptional skills caught the attention of Barcelona, and they made efforts to sign him in 2012, a move he considered himself fortunate to have made.

Tenure in Barcelona’s Youth System

Upon joining Barcelona, Abel Ruiz experienced his first visit to the club, where he met his idol, David Villa. Their meeting marked the beginning of a friendship, with David Villa later representing Abel as part of his football agency. On that memorable day, Abel also had the chance to meet Tito Vilanova, who became his coach.

Abel Ruiz became a notable graduate of La Masia, FC Barcelona’s renowned academy. Which has produced numerous football stars such as Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique, Bojan Krkic, and Pedro Rodriguez. Besides Pep Guardiola, Marc Cucurella, Lucas Digne, Ilaix Moriba, and many others.

Ansu Fati, another young talent, quickly became Abel’s best friend when he joined Barcelona. In his first year at La Masía, Ruiz and Ansu Fati shared a flat, forming a close bond.

Initial Accomplishment at Barcelona:

Abel Ruiz wasted no time making an impact at La Masia. Teaming up with Ansu Fati as strikers, they played a crucial role in helping their young Barcelona team win the Catalonia Championship. The final against Cornellà saw Abel scoring two goals despite a 2-1 defeat. Holding the trophy filled him with immense pride as part of a winning team with limitless potential.

Early Success with the Spanish Junior Squad:

Two seasons after joining FC Barcelona, Abel Ruiz received a call-up to represent Spain at the youth level, a moment of great joy for his family. In the Spanish U17 youth team, he reunited with his football friend and former Valencia teammate, Ferrán Torres.

The Evolution of Abel Ruiz – A Remarkable Biography:

Abel Ruiz’s journey through Barcelona’s academy was not without its challenges. Despite facing obstacles, he had the privilege of making his debut for Barcelona. In 2019, he became part of one of the most prestigious locker rooms in the world. On the day of his debut, he received warm embraces from his Barcelona teammates, particularly his close friend, Jordi Alba.

To the delight of Abel Ruiz’s family, he made his La Liga debut on May 12, 2019, in a match that ended with a 2-0 victory against Getafe. He came on as a substitute for Philippe Coutinho. This moment was a culmination of the journey that began in 2012 when Abel left his hometown, Almussafes, to join La Masia, Barcelona’s renowned academy.

Transition to Braga:

On January 31, 2020, Abel Ruiz bid farewell to the club that had been his home for eight years. He expressed his gratitude to all the people who had supported him during his time in Barcelona. Upon his move to Sporting de Braga in Portugal, Abel promised to carry Barcelona in his heart.

During his loan spell at Sporting de Braga, Abel Ruiz forged a strong friendship with Francisco Trincão, who was also set to join Barcelona in June 2020.

While initially planning to return to Barcelona for the 2020/2021 season, the club’s signings of experienced strikers Martin Braithwaite and Antoine Griezmann indicated limited opportunities for him to secure regular playing time. Consequently, Abel Ruiz agreed to convert his loan at Braga into a permanent contract.

In the summer transfer window of the 2020/2021 season, Ruiz made history by becoming Braga’s most expensive signing to date. As well as the footballer who scored the quickest goal as stated by DailyMail Football. From the northern city of Portugal, the Valencian Forward joined the Braga project, revitalized his career with impressive goals, and, most importantly, found a new home. The rest, as they say, is now part of his remarkable journey.

Abel Ruiz’s Romantic Relationship:

The Spanish professional footballer is currently involved in a romantic partnership with Andrea Pericas. Andrea, born on January 3, 1998, to Spanish parents, is slightly older than Abel, with a 755-day age gap between them.

More About Andrea Pericas:

Andrea Pericas is an entrepreneur who owns SpaceBefit, a company dedicated to assisting individuals in enhancing their physical and mental well-being. They specialize in weight loss and body sculpting.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Andrea is a supportive partner. She was present at Camp Nou on the day of Abel Ruiz’s FC Barcelona debut, celebrating his achievements with him. At this time, Andrea and Abel are not married, but there are indications that they may be planning a wedding and considering starting a family in the future.

Personality Facts:

Who is Abel Ruiz?

To begin, Abel Ruiz is a dedicated individual who views the soccer ball as a vessel of dreams. He believes that every footballer must invest substantial effort and time to turn those dreams into reality.

Additionally, Abel is a person who remains grounded and appreciates his roots. He holds the firm belief that if an opportunity arises in the future, he would gladly return to his former club, Valencia, to contribute and assist them.

Furthermore, as a forward for Sporting de Braga, Abel Ruiz looks up to renowned strikers Robert Lewandowski and Karim Benzema. He regards them as legendary number 9s of his generation and seeks to emulate their playing styles.

Way of Life:

In his pursuit of a balanced life, Abel fully embraces moments of relaxation. Together with his girlfriend, Andrea, they frequently visit the picturesque beaches of the Algarve. Drawn to the region’s golden sands, crystal-clear waters, and stunning rock formations. These tranquil beach outings perfectly align with their desired peaceful lifestyle.

Abel treasures the unforgettable moments spent on the waters of the Algarve, where he enjoys quality time with friends. During each holiday season, he seizes the opportunity to embark on boating adventures, often riding his flatboat. Following these aquatic escapades, he and his friends, along with their partners, frequently gather for shared meals before returning to their respective accommodations.

Abel Ruiz Personal Family Story:

The concept of a close-knit family takes on diverse forms among footballers. For some, it revolves around blood ties and a connection to their origins. However, for Abel and others like him, family is defined by the bonds of closeness, trust, and affection, extending beyond mere genetic relationships. In this segment of our biography, we delve into the individuals who have played pivotal roles in Abel’s life.

Abel Ruiz Brothers and Sisters:

Víctor Alfonso, Abel’s older brother, couldn’t have been prouder of his sibling’s football debut. Yet, his true passion lies in music, a parallel to Oliver Ramsdale, Aaron Ramsdale’s brother. Notably, Víctor Alfonso took part in the 2016 “Operación Triunfo” auditions, a prestigious singing competition in Spain. In this competition, aspiring musicians and vocalists showcase their talents by performing popular songs, all vying for the coveted title.

Thanks to Abel’s supportive older brother, who shares their father’s name, the celebration of Abel’s debut transcended Spain’s borders, reaching as far as New York’s Times Square. There, a group of master’s degree students in PR management and their fellow teacher José Luis, one of Abel’s two brothers, gathered to watch the match and cheer on Abel’s remarkable achievement.

José Luis was the first to arrive at the New York venue, unaware of his colleagues’ surprise gathering. Little did he know that friends like Juan Miguel Grau, Martín León, Noemí Franquet, and others, along with Nicolò Rossi, Laura Mas, and Ivette Borralleras, all originally from Barcelona, would join him to witness the game. Significantly, they had brought along Abel’s Barcelona jersey as a symbol of their support, showcasing their shared excitement and camaraderie for Abel’s debut.

Abel Ruiz Maternal Figure:

The 12th of May, 2019, is an indelible date etched in the memory of Ana María Ortega and her family. It was during the 68th minute of a Barcelona match against Getafe, which she attended, that her 19-year-old son made a celebrated debut with the senior team, stepping onto the Camp Nou field for the first time.

Abel Ruiz Patraich:

José Luis is more than just a father who possesses extensive knowledge about automobiles, given his employment at a Valencian Ford subsidiary company (Ford Almussafes). He is a father who knows how to build and maintain a harmonious home. This is evidenced by the remarkable achievements of his children in their respective careers. José Luis and his wife, Ana María Ortega, are one of the most established couples in Atletico.

Abel Ruiz Extended Kin:

During a special event, the Almussafes City Council recognized local footballer Abel Ruiz for his outstanding contributions to the sport. Mayor Toni González and Sports Councilor Pau Bosch led the ceremony, publicly acknowledging Abel’s accomplishments in elite football. Including winning the U17 Euro Cup with the Spanish team and his remarkable achievements with FC Barcelona.

His family surrounded Abel—parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles, and cousins—as he received a commemorative plaque from the city, symbolizing their pride and appreciation for his remarkable efforts.

Untold Facts about Abel Ruiz:

In this final section of Abel Ruiz’s biography, we’ll uncover some lesser-known aspects of his life and career. Let’s dive in:

Abel Ruiz’s FIFA Stats:

Currently, Abel Ruiz’s FIFA ratings reveal that he excels in certain areas of football while having room for improvement in others. He possesses strong attributes in jumping and stamina, similar to players like Lyle Foster and Cameron Archer. However, his skills in aggression and interception are currently below average, with an overall rating below his potential of 84.

Abel Ruiz’s Salary:

Ruiz’s contract with Portuguese Primeira Liga club Braga earns him an annual salary of €729,120, which equates to €14,000 per week (2024 figures).

Abel Ruiz’s Religion:

Ruiz was raised in a Christian household by his parents, Ana María Ortega and José Luis. While he keeps his personal religious beliefs private, it’s likely that he follows the Catholic faith, as the majority of Spain’s population identifies as Catholic.

In Conclusion:

Abel Ruiz Ortega was born on January 28, 2000, during the new millennium, under the zodiac sign of Aquarius. He is the youngest of three siblings born to his parents, José Luis and Ana María Ortega. Although born in Valencia, his family’s roots trace back to Murcia, Spain. Abel grew up in Valencia alongside his two older brothers: José Luis, a teacher and football enthusiast, and Víctor Alfonso, a music lover.

Abel’s passion for football became evident at a very young age, with his parents enrolling him in the local club, Almussafes, when he was just two years old. By the age of 7, Valencia had recognized his talent and signed him, setting the stage for his meteoric rise in Spanish football.

His journey led him to FC Barcelona, where he had the opportunity to meet his idol, David Villa. His early days at La Masía, Barcelona’s youth academy, were marked by adaptation and growth as he lived away from his parents and older brothers. However, he quickly made friends and received valuable coaching from mentors like Marcel and Isaac.

Abel fondly recalls his time as roommates with Ansu Fati at La Masía and their shared experiences in youth football. He achieved success at Barcelona’s youth level, winning the UEFA Youth League and making history as one of Spain’s youngest goalscorers.

Despite his career’s demands, Abel remains close to his family, with his parents and older brothers supporting him throughout his Barcelona debut and beyond. Today, he continues to shine as one of the leading strikers for S.C. Braga and a valued member of the national team under the guidance of coach Luis de la Fuente.

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